Wayne Weir


General Manager

I have known Walt for a very long time. When it comes to car guys, you won't find a better one. His training is above and beyond. The teams he has working sales are all the best of the best. I just can't say enough! I would never think of calling anyone else. I would gladly recommend his company to anyone. Ask Walt for my number to speak in person.

The Numbers Are In!


2018 Numbers that Matter

 PVR             5346.00

   Front           3117.00   

     Back            2229.00   

Per Sale Results

Highest PVR 2018  6894.00

Lowest PVR 2018   3789.00

Average PVR 2018  5346.00

Average Dealer PVR $2700

Customer Testimonials Available Upon Request



Senior Desk Manager

These is not a whole lot to tell you. The minute you meet a PDS team you know you are teaming up with Pros. They did a great job! Walt was here and was grinding them out with his team. Thank you for a job well done!

Chris Avery


General Sales Manager

I am very pleased with Walt and his entire team. These guys are true professionals. The best staffed event crew I have had ever. I highly recommend Preferred Dealer Solutions.

I would never think of using anyone else.

Super Dave


General Manager

Great Team made our sale a success. Will certainly invite them back.  We did our own mail realized we were going to need help. Called Walt 4 days prior to sale he was able to put together a winning team and assist in closing out a Fantastic 2018.  True Pro's

Pete Staltore


General Manager

They were all above and beyond what we expected. Real Professional our customers loved everyone which is what is important. Walt was here everyday every hour with his team don't meet many owners that still grind! They are much more then just marketing consultants.

Great Job Guys

Jeff Talley


General Sales Manager

They really performed. Clean and professional. Loaded with talent. Preferred Dealer Solutions. These folks made it happen. Thank you see you next month. Our team and your team work well together to  produce sales and gross while keeping customers happy! 

Lanny Adams


General Sales Manager

"Wow" This is a team that makes sure all the deals are clean. Walt and the team leader stick around after the sale and makes sure all the deals are funded.  Great Attitudes and always looking for a way to make a deal. They Walk to Walk. I would highly recommend.

Brandon Berry


General Manager

I have worked with with Walt several times on promotional sales at our dealership. It doesn't take long to figure out that he is just as concerned about your success as his.He treats your business like it is his business. I love calling for all the free advice. Thank you Walt!