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Staffed Sales Events


Here at Preferred Dealer Solutions we offer several "Custom Fit" services.  While similar to other Consultants in what we offer, our approach and solutions based on Your needs set us apart.  Listed below are our most popular programs and with creative marketing we can use a combination of any listed for an even more unique approach. 
- Direct Mail Sales Events(Partially or Fully Staffed)
With over 17 years of Direct Mail Sales experience we've developed a streamlined and productive approach to driving your sales.  Whether your advertising budget is $10,000 or $100,000 we design these with a realistic goal of achieving 70% of your monthly Used Vehicle dept gross in just 4-5 days.  Not limited to New vehicles as we offer several New Car and or Combo programs that can even be Co-Op approved allowing you to maximize sales in all departments while adding quality trade ins to your used inventory.  
How do we do it?
We start with your current numbers and discuss a goal.  From that point we do our research - what market(s) do we target?- what are your biggest needs, concerns and focus?- what marketing approach makes sense?
From that point we dive in and design programs starting from a simple 4-day event to a full 12 month program that not only injects extra business at key times of the year, but helps you establish or re-establish your niche that goes hand in hand with your long term goals.  
Steps to the Supersale
- Though we have a large and fast turning mailhouse, its always best to plan the event 3-4 weeks in advance.  We take our time and look at every thing required to having a successful event. (In a pinch we can deliver an event in 2 weeks)
- Staffing - At each event a minimum of 2 managers are sent to run your event.   One Desk Manager(with finance experience) and one Sales Manager that leads the floor and by conventional terms is known as a "Closer" but by no means are they limited with their ability to desk and rehash with lenders as well.  We never want you to throw money out and due to large turnout numbers we may add a third manager as well as 4-6 experienced salespeople that are vetted and go through a background check prior to employment.  Their goal is to come in and join your team.  We treat your store as if we worked their daily.  Fact is - we arent looking for a one time deal, but to establish long term relationships and that comes with not just big performance numbers but professionalism and courtesy.  With PDS that is a must!
- Inventory - We review your inventory and work with you to get the ideal amount of inventory(typically 75 used plus new) and what the lenders prefer and advance higher amounts on.  We have vendors nationwide with the ability to help you add to your inventory without the auction fees and time spent going to purchase units
-  Dates - Once we determine the amount of advertising and inventory we establish a date.  Typically, our events run Wednesday through the weekend maximizing the sense of urgency.   10, 12 and 14 day events tend to have a softer impact as well as drain the energy of your staff.  
Once that is done, hear is what you expect the week of your event
Ex- Wednesday through Saturday Event
Day 1- Tuesday 
We arrive at your location and meet with you and your staff.  The day begins with an Owner(s)/Management Meeting where we cover the process again and discuss any additional concerns as- a last minute push fot new units as well as a plan for moving your aged units.  We ask that you have All sales agents there for 1 hour the morning before event to allow for our Sales Training.  We go over the process with them and discuss their responsibilities and focus during the event.   After meeting with your staff we do a physical inventory check and change placement of units if required.  
Our Managers will serve as the lead for your store during the week and they have the experience, efficiency and savvy to successfully lead events with as many as 700 customers during the sale.   With numerous lender relationships we carefully "place" deals with appropriate lenders.  Each deal is worked, submitted and rehashed by the management team.  No deal will be sent to the Finance Department without the committment to take delivery as well as lender approval and all required stips in house.  There will be no chasing of paperwork after the fact and we also assist you with the funding of the deals after the event has ended.  Though its rare, any case of a chargeback due to a missed fee or difference in numbers will be sent overnight to you within 30 days of the end of event.  
Each morning our team will lead a sales meeting prior to the start of the day.  We create a festive but professional environment with music, signage, balloons and energy.   
The day after the sale ends, we reconcile and plan our next event with you!